Random Photo Friday: Reel Sushi

Wow, I haven’t run one of these for a while. I love this photo I took through the window of Ringo Sushi, where the interior, exterior and reflection of buildings behind me show up in the same shot. But I mainly took it to capture the film projected on the wall inside. For some reason, their sushi-time screening bugged me, while I love the way the anime films look on the wall at Sushi X on Chicago and Milwaukee. Maybe because they play actual DVDs and Ringo had some bad action flick WITH COMMERCIALS. How do you feel about movies being screened with your sushi? Mildly annoying or artsy distraction from your date?

Ringo Sushi


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One response to “Random Photo Friday: Reel Sushi

  1. Bill Hottinger

    partly, it would depend upon the accompanying volume of the sound, but w/commercials (Yuk!) I guess it would be more than slightly annoying.
    See you next week…


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