Benjy’s Deli

Matzo ball soup with noodles

Matzo ball soup with noodles

An extra long weekend in Wisconsin most certainly had me in Milwaukee, Cedarburg and Oostburg for an especially fun camping weekend with old friends, but I definitely failed on the aforementioned posts. I didn’t make it to Tomaso’s for the alleged garlic bread pizza, nor did I try out the hamburger joints that have opened up all over town. I heard of a local Wisconsin market in Oostburg, but they were closed for the holiday weekend. I did, however, hit up one of my favorite childhood delis, Benjy’s, on the east side of Milwaukee. We literally grew up eating at the 40-year-old semi-dive that used to be called Benjamin’s. I pretty much can’t not get a bowl of matzo ball soup and hot corned beef on rye when I go, even though they offer breakfast all day and other typical deli delicacies. With local Miller bread, awesome pickles, thick, juicy corned beef sliced extra lean, homemade matzo balls and plenty of Dr. Brown’s soda stocked in coolers, it’s pretty much the ultimate deli experience. Oh, and uh, note the new camera! 4156 N. Oakland Ave., 414.332.7777
Benjy's sign on Oakland Avenue

Benjy's sign on Oakland Avenue

Corned beef on rye

Corned beef on rye

It was a long weekend in Wisconsin, but this is my only cheesehead post. I almost can’t believe the eating adventures that await this week: Mixteco, Nightwood (again!), an organic trout dinner at Rushing Waters, and pork and wine dinner at Bluprint…check back for tales of the impending deliciousness.


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