Pazzo Gelato

Scoop of almond chip gelato at Pazzo Gelato in LA

Scoop of almond chip gelato at Pazzo Gelato in LA

I was lucky enough to hang in LA this weekend with an old friend from high school, and even luckier that she knew about places like Pazzo Gelato. A mandatory visit on our food-heavy weekend, I took one look at the flavors offered in the Silver Lake-located gelateria, tea shop and espresso bar and knew I was going to be happy we stopped. Smokey chocolate, PB and J, malt and cinnamon were just a few of the more exotic flavors among chocolate mint, almond chip, strawberry chip and espresso, made fresh daily in the tiny shop. Just like the Baskin-Robbins ice cream summer nighttime adventures of my youth, they let you taste any flavor, and we may of gone though the entire line-up before settling on one. Every flavor matched its name in an almost freakish kind of way, but without forced or artificial flavors. Malt tasted exactly like malted milkshake in gelato form, but was a bit too sweet, while smokey chocolate would be delicious as a small quenelle on a dessert, but the “chip” infused gelatos, (vanilla, almond, strawberry), were the winners, silky, decadent varieties with dark chocolate drizzled on top and broken into chips as you dig in. Pazzo Gelato, 3827 Sunset Blvd., 323.662.1410


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  1. While Pazza is great for the neighborhood, it is too bad you didn’t quite make it to Bulgarini’s in Alta Dena. Easily the best gelateria in all of LA…

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