See’s Candies

See's Candy Kiosk in San Francisco airport

See's Candy Kiosk in San Francisco airport

My infatuation with See’s Candies (namely the shoe box-shaped suckers in flavors like chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla and cafe latte) began when my relatives from San Diego used to pay visits to us in Wisconsin and bring boatloads of suckers, truffles, brittle and more. It was the first candy I had ever had that tasted fresh and homemade, and it totally disrupted any allegiance our young palates had formed for the Hershey’s, Tootsie’s and Reese’s of the world. The candy company originated in Los Angeles in 1921, eventually spread throughout San Francisco in the 30s, and has since become somewhat available throughout the U.S. But I still mostly stock up on the stuff when I’m in Cali-based airports, as I was the past two weekends. They do mail order as well, but the next time you are in a West Coast airport, I highly recommend skipping the U-shaped neck pillows and perfume, and heading straight to the See’s kiosk.
See's Lollipops

See's Lollipops


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