Trails Cafe

Trails Cafe

Trails Cafe

If yesterday’s Joan’s post didn’t make the Chicago-readers envious that such a market/bakery didn’t exist in our fair city, this next one might. My friend took me to Trails Cafe which is LA’s Griffith Park, just as you start to make your way up the hills towards the observatory and in clear view of the Hollywood sign. We were still full from brunch, but still drooled over fresh pies—from cherry to rhubarb—and baked goods like sage blue corn bread. Did I mention rhubarb pie?? They also serve breakfast items, coffee drinks, tea and the best lemonade in town. I loved the picnic tables in back, and the fact that the place was in the middle of the woods and decked out in Halloween lights and fall decorations. Also, the combo of pies-sodas-coffee just worked better than other signs spotted out West. Just a few more posts from my trip this week and then it’s back to Chi, including long lost guest blog spots, my take on XOCO, a visit the Fireside Restaurant and Bar and more. Trails Cafe, 2333 Fern Dell Drive., 323.871.2102.
The Trails wagon

The Trails wagon

Sage blue corn bread

Sage blue corn bread


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  1. Melissa

    Such a cool trailer. I love tiny spaces. I am filing this info for my next trip to LA. cool.

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