Momofuku Milk Bar

Crack pie at Momofuku Milk Bar

See, waiting for your table isn’t always a royal painski when things like crack pie, compost cookies, blueberry cream cookies, chocolate chip cake, candy bar pie (caramel, peanut butter nougat, peanut brittle, toasted pretzels and chocolate crust) are staring you in the face. This happens at pastry chef Christina Tosi’s sleek and modern Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC if you are waiting for your table at the adjacent Momofuku Ssäm, or if you head in for dessert after 8PM. Sure, steamed pork buns, branzini and hamachi await, but let them as you reach for a chocolate chip, marshmallow and cornflake cookie fresh from the oven. They actually offer a few daily changing savory items like a very intriguing sounding chorizo challah, the “volcano” (a potato dish encased in bread) banana green curry bread, but you’ll most likely reach for something that goes with the cereal milk soft serve. Momofuku Milk Bar, 207 2nd Ave., NYC

Chocolate chip cake

Compost cookie

Candy bar pie



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2 responses to “Momofuku Milk Bar

  1. Melissa

    Oh boy…..need to get there. The compost cookies sound soo tasty. Who ever thought compost & tasty would show up in the same sentence! What an empire Momofuko is. So well done. I am itching for a NY trip. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you until then.

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