Herb garden at Quince

As what seems like the 10th snowstorm of the year blankets the city, I’d thought I add a bit of green to the blog today with this shot of the basement herb garden at Quince at the Homestead. Chef Andy Motto grows his own microherbs like baby mizuna, micro purple rutabega and komatsuna to place atop and around his seasonal, elegant dishes like skatewing roll and lobster with quinoa (I’ve gushed about this combo before), roasted duck with cannelloni, spinach and celery root purée and octopus with heirloom tomato compote. Come summer, he hopes to transfer the mini garden to the rooftop of the Homestead. And speaking of green, I’ll be traveling to Temecula, Calif. for work this week to learn about all things citrus. Be back blogging in a few! 1625 Hinman Ave., Evanston, 847.570.8400


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  1. So refreshing! I just had friends in town from Chicago and they were bummed to go back to the snow and cold. Let me know if you need any restaurant recs if you happen to make it to LA while you’re in CA.

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