Temecula, Calif.

As mentioned, I was lucky enough to escape to California last week for a grove tour with Sunkist. We learned to make citrus-infused dishes and cocktails with Chef Jill Davie, and even whipped up citrus beauty masks and scrubs. Enjoy a few shots of our stay in Temecula (about an hour outside of San Diego), where we toured lemon and grapefruit groves, woke up to hot air balloons  and more Southern Cali beauty. Then later this week it’s back to more Chicago blogging, including visits to Revolution Brewing, The Purple Pig and this weekend’s visit to an amazing Korean Karaoke bar where I experienced utter-embarrassment, but more importantly the deliciousness that is kimchee-fried rice!

Ruby red grapefruits

I loved this old "honest weight" scale spotted in the groves

Meyer lemon groves

Buddha's hand citrus never fails to remind me of the movie Beetlejuice. This intriguing citrus fruit doesn't have edible meat, but the aromatic peel can be used for zest or candying..

All time best lemonade ever experienced..maybe it was because it was in a lemon grove, or mixed with lemon sugar.

Grapefruit panko encrusted orange roughy with lobster fried rice served at Faulker Winery

Just another early morning view in Southern Cali wine country.


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