Kimchee-fried rice and Korean karaoke

Kimchee fried rice with a fried egg

I knew a night celebrating a friend’s birthday at Court Hill Karaoke (꾸띠 노래방) at 6248 N. California would involve multiple shochu shots, beer and some serious embarrassment, but I had no idea I would experience the divinity that is kimchee-fried rice. We ordered up a batch of it along with some fried chicken and dumplings, and when the hot pot arrived to our private karaoke room, it had me at fried egg. I love kimchee with cabbage and the strong, pungent flavor prevailed throughout the rice, onions, garlic, green onions, and, well, yes, OK, spam. I would’ve never detected it, but a friend who was familiar with the dish let me know about the addition of imitation meat (sometimes bacon or tofu). I have to admit the rice was a bit on the greasy side, and the diced spam didn’t help its image, but the kimchee flavor saved the day and we devoured it all before we got embarrassedly back on the mic. A few more fun non-food pics from the evening…

I don't know what this says or what this mug is resting on

There may be spam on the menu, but there is no MSG know the rest.


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