Not known for: Boudin Bakery

The Portland posts are not done! I promise. I just had to share this treat I saw on the counter at Boudin Bakery in Yountville, Calif. over the weekend. Boudin has locations all over CA, and they are know for their San Francisco sourdough bread, European hearth bread, seasonal tarts, and more. But I discovered and fell in love with one of their packaged items I like to call Neopolitan ice cream, um, in Rice Krispie Treat form. Chewy, soft rectangles of strawberry, chocolate and vanilla layered brilliantly together. Yes, as good/as looks.

Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla rice crispy treat at Boudin Bakery



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2 responses to “Not known for: Boudin Bakery

  1. How fun! I would not be able to resist that either.

  2. mmm, I am not entirely sure about these. I would have to taste them.

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