Not known for: Smokin’ pumpkin maki at Coast

Smokin' pumpkin maki

Unless I am a Macku, I rarely consider the maki specials at sushi restaurants. But a rare visit to Coast last night helped me discover that just because a sushi spot actually writes their specials in a chalkboard affixed behind the sushi bar, doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a try. Coast’s special maki rolls for the night included a basil-leaf wrapped super white tuna ginger, something called the moo, and the smokin’ pumpkin, which made me think of autumn with its creamy, earthy pumpkin, smoky salmon and various hues of orange. Tempura pumpkin is rolled in rice and topped with a thick piece of smoked salmon, a drop of masago mayo and sweet tiny orange fish eggs. It was sweet, salty, crunchy, smoky, and worth a place on the permanent menu. Coast, 2045 N. Damen, 773.235.5775


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  1. Those rolls sound excellent. I definately need to stop by Coast to try those. I love new combinations that I could have never dreamed of.

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