Guest blog post: Pastoral

How cool is it that not only did Elizabites reader and blogger Jacky Hackett guess last week’s mystery face, but she was actually at Ditka’s once for a wedding in the company of da’ coach and wife? For her guest post, Jacky choose Pastoral, a Loop cheese shop I can’t believe I’ve never visited. The pig and fig sandwich sounds delish, as does the goat cheese-almond butter one-two punch in the Cali Chevre. Here’s her take and scrumptious pics…
Pastoral in the Loop

Pastoral is one of those hidden gems in the Loop. While it may not be hard to find, it is easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle of the commute. I quickly became hooked and find myself in there often, even if it is just to browse. In addition to the fabulous cheese selection, they have cured meats, bread, wine, olives, pickled vegetables, jams, the list goes on. They even offer wine and cheese pairing classes. The loop location makes for a perfect place to stop and pack a picnic for Millennium Park events or the beach. Pastoral is a popular sandwich spot too. It gets crowded during the lunch rush, if you are in a hurry call ahead to order. Seating is limited, but in the warmer months they do have additional outdoor seating. The sandwich menu changes often and includes vegetarian and vegan options. The Blue Pig n’ Fig sandwich is a delicious combo of salty meat, sweet jam, and strong creamy cheese. The Cali Chevre is a unique vegetarian option with goat cheese, almond butter and red onion. They have a few locations in the city though I am partial to the Lake Street location, the people that work there are so friendly and helpful. Pastoral Artisan Cheese, bread and wine, 53 E. Lake St. (between Michigan and Wabash).

Pig and Fig sandwich



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3 responses to “Guest blog post: Pastoral

  1. I always forget about this place. It will now be burned into my memory as I dream about both of those sammies and hopefully get me both of them soon.

  2. LSC

    Jacky turned us on to this place. We don’
    t buy cheese (or bread) any place else now.

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