Not known for: Skillet Cookie at Brownstone Tavern

Besides their great outdoor street-side patio, pretty decent ribs, smoked mac and cheese, three types of house-seasoned fries and pulled pork miniwiches on the menu, I recently discovered Brownstone Tavern’s skillet cookie. It takes two spoons to conquer an over-sized chocolate chip cookie freshly baked in a cast iron skillet and topped with French vanilla bean ice cream, caramel and chocolate, especially when melted together. 3937 N. Lincoln, 773.528.3700.

A cookie baked in a skillet...for reals



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3 responses to “Not known for: Skillet Cookie at Brownstone Tavern

  1. Ben

    They actually have this at all sister bars too – Schoolyard, Gaslight, Kirkwood. I’m not a big dessert guy but it is ridiculously good.

  2. Ah, I guess it is known for! Glad they have spread the cookie skillet love…

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