5 things I love about Nana…

1). Fresh yellow watermelon punch with sparkling water and blueberries..refreshing, not-too-sweet and would even be better with a splash of bubbly.

Watermelon punch

2). Delicious Mexican-inspired brunch dishes that are fresh, not-too-heavy and full of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Huevos rancheros with crispy tortillas

3). The Benedicts…especially the Nanadict served on a pupusa corn flatbread with homemade chorizo.


4). Hearty waffles, like the corn oat with Greek yogurt and fresh raspberries. Other interesting options? Banana-hemp cakes and other whole wheat cake concoctions that change out.

Corn-wheat waffle with Greek yogurt

5). The bright, cheery room and Bridgeport bakery/antique exploration opportunities in the neighborhood…Nana, 3267 S. Halsted, 312.929.2486


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One response to “5 things I love about Nana…

  1. I go to Nana often for lunch, since it is close to my office. The Nanadicts are to die for.

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