Crocks at Kith & Kin

I still dream about the buttermilk fried chicken thighs with green garlic and the bibb lettuce salad I had at Kith & Kin a while back, but my new obsession with the homey Lincoln Park restaurant are the crocks. How can you go wrong with a starter that involves of lots of crunchy, thin crostini and a layer of hardened clarified butter? The chicken liver paté crock was just that, a delicious whipped paté hiding under a hard layer of clarified butter, with cornichons, and Dijon mustard on the side. There’s a pimento cheese spread, eggplant purée with almond raisin relish, Duroc pork creton and foie gras with peach butter, and all hover around $9 with enough spread-fulls to satisfy 2-3. All of Chef David Carrier’s crockcoctions are delish, but I prefer the paté with cornichons (crisp, tiny tart pickles I could eat pretty much by the handful, I think). Just save room for buttermilk-fried chicken. Oh! And I owe you all a report of my unreal meal at for it.. Kith & Kin, 1119 W. Webster Ave.

Chicken liver crock at Kith & Kin


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