Hiramasa crudo at Girl & the Goat

I love the detail of the sign, right down to the font

The bad part about trying to snag a table at Girl & the Goat these days without a res on a Saturday night is that, well, it’s impossible. BUT, with patience and appropriately affixed bar-stool eagle eyes you can, maaaybe, get a seat at the bar. That’s what happened to me my first time at the white-hot restaurant, and with an awesomely attentive bar staff (even when they are slammed!) and full menu, the experience was still amazing. From the housemade breads and butters (uh, coffee butter?) to the braised short ribs with edamame and fudgesicle dessert, everything we tried was truly ridiculous. But…I have to admit that I can’t stop thinking about the hiramasa crudo. A suggestion from our bartender, the combo of juicy crisp pork belly with aji aïoli and hiramasa crudo (yellowtail) lingers in my taste memory and is pretty much the first thing I utter when people ask me what they should order. I love not only the combo of crispy, juicy, warm pork belly, creamy aji aïoli cool crudo too delicious for words, but it’s just different, and new, and a refreshing menu item I haven’t seen or tried elseware. A lot of the dishes at the restaurant display ingredient combination brilliance: Smoked goat, black kale and ricotta on pizza, pig face, a sunny-side egg and cilantro, whipped fat back and bourbon, scallops and marcona almond butter..I could go on.. This restaurant is perpetually packed for a reason, with reservations on Open Table booked through October I hear (really?). So I will just have to keep the memory of the crudo in my mind until my next visit when I fall in love with another dish. Girl & the Goat, 809 W. Randolph, 312.942.6262

Hiramasa crudo



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6 responses to “Hiramasa crudo at Girl & the Goat

  1. I can not wait to try Girl & The Goat. Your description sounds as wonderful as I have heard from others.

  2. We tried a couple of weeks ago. it was good with the exception of two dishes that we all felt were very bad: the fudgecicle and the goat pizza…

  3. Really? You didn’t like the Fudgesicle? I loved..What else did you have? Braised short ribs were crazy..

  4. the goat pizza I thought was really disgusting. There were four of us, and none of us could eat more than one bite…

    The crudo was good, as were the green: I put a list of all the dishes and what we thought here: http://www.tuscanfoodie.com/2010/09/girl-and-goat-in-chicago.html

  5. Ooh, I loved your description of the crudo…loved eating it too when I was there. Actually I can’t think of anything I didn’t like at Girl & The Goat, even the crazy pig face.

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