Sea Salt Caramels

The sea salt caramels are put up at the registers of Whole Foods sometimes for a reason, it’s so one point of purchase impulse buy can lead you to a life of constant craving. It’s like a confectionary pusherman. That’s how I feel about the sea salt caramels at Whole Foods. Salt, chocolate, blah, seen it..but chocolate covered salted caramels topped with a sprinkling of thick, crunchy sea salt granules? Just try not to finish the box even when it’s above your desk and you goal is one a day. Yeah, just try.

Sea salt caramels from Whole Foods



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3 responses to “Sea Salt Caramels

  1. OMG, I love sea salt on chocolate – I may have to buy those next time I am at WF! 😀

  2. These things are kick ass…I have 5 in my mouth right now. I have eaten 2 boxes today…no really.

  3. Daela

    They are to die for, literally. I walked by the display and almost knocked a few boxes over. My God they are yummy!

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