Taller de Tapas

The equivalent of a bread basket start in Barcelona seems to be tomato bread. Often around 2 euros, we made it a habit of starting our meal with the ultra-crunchy, rustic (sometimes day-old) country bread slathered with ripe tomato, olive oil and sometimes sea salt. The best we had was at Taller de Tapas, a bustling restaurant in the Gothic quarter that was known for their English menu, great tapas, and profiteroles..

Tomato bread at Taller de Tapas

From there this eggplant dish with roasted red peppers and olive oil soaked sardines was almost to pretty to eat..

Eggplant and sardines

Next came farmhouse sausage with beans, one of my favorite dishes of the week. The juicy, perfectly cooked sausage and tender beans with chopped parsley was hearty, rustic and perfect.

Farmhouse sausage with beans

The fried calamari was next, our first fried fish dish of the trip, but certainly not the last. It wasn’t the best we had, but was still a lightly fried, and not-too-oily mix of fresh fish.

Fried calamari

There was also seafood paella and profiteroles, both of which must’ve been gobbled up before I could snap a photo..



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3 responses to “Taller de Tapas

  1. That tomato bread looks amazing!!

  2. Good thing I just ate, although I am sure I could find room for those amazing looking dishes if they were in front of me. I keep screaming down the stairs to my husband “Honey come look at these food pictures!” He is salivating too! Surprised he hasn’t booked a ticket to Spain yet!

  3. Chef Ian

    Ok, so I am definately taking notes. I am planning on going to Spain in late spring and i’m so glad that I once again have you to steer me in the direction of good food. Thanks for sharing your wonderfully delicious and beautiful pictures of Spain.

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