Just a few more Spain (more than a week) posts to go and then its back to the Chi, followed by impending trips to NYC, New Orleans and Vegas! We noticed two sleek, modern yet totally comfortable locations of Demasié chocolate cafés in Barcelona, one retail space with a never ending table of chocolate bars spiked with everything from macha green tea to ancho chili powder, ginger and wasabi. The spread looked like a work of art in itself, but I managed to snatch up about 6 different bars for gifts (and a 90% dark for myself).

Setting the bar for killer chocolate

But besides the bars they also had an array of chocolate enrobed candies, nuts, wafers, cookies and more..

Sweet deal

The second location of Demasié had a larger cafe, delicious crepes and baked goods and a native who worked there with an awesome suggestion for paella…

Breakfast crepe with tomatoes, walnuts, basil and fontina

Moist vanilla cake with raspberry and fresh whipped cream



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2 responses to “Demasié

  1. The chocolate shop looks like my ultimate fantasy! How did you pick only 6 bars?! I would want to try them all! Your trip just keeps getting better & better.

  2. Those chocolate pictures are not helping my sweet tooth 😉 OK, it’s really the chocolate enrobed goodies that have me. Have fun on your next set of travels!

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