Café du Monde

As touristy as it may be considered, no trip to NOLA is complete with out a late-night stop at the 24-hour Café du Monde. I remember this place well from my last visit to New Orleans in 1999, and it truly hasn’t changed. I opted for hot chocolate instead of chicory coffee (not sure why, but it was delicious!) and of course, a plate of piping hot beignets loaded with powdered sugar that mostly ended up on our jeans. The table next to us had an all-out sugar fight which was fun to watch, from afar. It was close to 2AM, our server was a little Lurch-like, and the scene was getting riddled with powder sugar face-washes, but we still stayed later for another round of doughnuts.

Beignets and hot chocolate

Cafe du Manifesto


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