Creamy roll at Kyoto

When it comes to sushi, I have a general weakness for unagi, and, really anything eel sauce-adorned. Of course, these come only second to my obsession with avocado on any menu (Wah? $4 more to throw it on a salad? Yes, please). So when all three show up in a maki roll like the “Creamy” at Kyoto, I am more than sold. Thinly sliced avocado takes the place of seaweed, and lovingly wraps itself around unagi, shrimp tempura, sweet crab, masago and mayo for a ridiculous roll topped with unagi sauce, tempura crunch and more bright orange masago. The avocado onslaught that is the creamy roll was just one thing I loved about this place, not to mention interesting ingredients like sweet crab, lightly seared salmon and truffle oil showing up in other rolls, the dim, semi-hidden location, and the BYOB factor. Kyoto, 2534 N. Lincoln, 773.477.2788

Creamy roll at Kyoto, almost gone before I could snap a pic



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3 responses to “Creamy roll at Kyoto

  1. Yummy! I love Kyoto. And avocado too. Not so spectacular form the outside but some of the best and reasonable priced sushi around.

  2. Always looking for a great reasonably priced un-sceney sushi place. This sounds like it might be it.

  3. Ben

    I second your unagi and avocado sentiments.

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