Mystery toys

What newish coffee shop is filled with more retro toys than you can shake a flux capacitor at? Guess for a chance to guest blog.



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6 responses to “Mystery toys

  1. i have no clue what the answer is but I hope someone guesses it…I want to check out those 80s toys! I’ve never seen a play DeLorean before 🙂

  2. That would be Wormhole, the best place to hang out while waiting for a seat at the Bongo Room. My favorite toy there, by far, is Castle Grayskull.

  3. You would be correct Mark! Wormhole rocks…what is Castle Grayskull? Up for a guest post? Also, what is Man Up?

  4. The Miami Pizza Bagel

    Whatever you do, don’t cross the streams. Important safety tip.

  5. I thought Miami pizza bagels were impermeable to Ghostbuster streams?

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