Guest blog: Not Known For: The Smoke Daddy cornbread

OK, this mystery post was a little obscure, but once you spot the Stay-Puft marshmallow man at Wicker Park’s Wormhole coffee, you never forget it. Second-time guest blog winner Mark Rumble expressed his love for the 1980s-enrobed coffee shop, most notably for the Castle Grayskull toy (which I had to google, but still don’t get). Mark took a break from his new blog for Chicago men (and the women who tolerate them), to post on a not known for that I already knew and loved…the cornbread at The Smoke Daddy…

Not Known For: The Smoke Daddy’s Cornbread
Much to my own detriment, I’m a sucker for all things spicy. So whenever I see something on a menu that would typically not be spicy, but through the miracles jalapeños it has been made so, I cannot resist. (For proof of this, see my last guest post where I raved about Beans and Bagels’ jalapeno cream cheese.)
One of my favorite jalapeno-enhanced dishes is undoubtedly The Smoke Daddy’s cornbread. I’m not a cornbread connoisseur or traditionalist, I just know what I like: a gooey, buttery and tad bit smokey piece of cornbread. The Smoke Daddy delivers on all those fronts. But because they are geniuses, they also add little pieces of jalapeño in the cornbread. It makes for a fantastic, extra jolt of flavor and spiciness, enough to make you consider ordering two sides of it.
Now this concluding sentence might sound sacrilegious, but it’s true: If you ever decide to skip The Smoke Daddy’s barbecued meat and just indulge in several pieces of their cornbread, it’d be totally justifiable. The Smoke Daddy * 1804 West Division St., 773.772.6656

The Smoke Daddy cornbread (not shot from a TV still)


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