Chocolate mousse at Leopold

I don’t know about you, but I am LOVING the French bistro and Belgian-themed menus making their hearty mark all over town. Paris Club, Bistronomic, Maude’s and now Leopold, located oh-so-close to my house. Which means even if it’s obnoxiously cold out, I know that this perfect cup of chocolate mousse topped with Barry Callebaut crispearls is a short distance away, as is everything else on the awesome menu, from the braised short rib with glazed turnips to the soft pretzel and veal sausage. Leopold, 1450 W. Chicago Ave., 312.348.1028

Chocolate mousse at Leopold



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3 responses to “Chocolate mousse at Leopold

  1. Hey if you live by Leopold, we should totally meet up sometime! I’m right by Butcher & Larder, so not far either!

  2. Sounds good! Have you been to Butcher & Larder yet? Dying to go!

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