Paris Club

Paris Club sign

If you didn’t notice, the Eliz-a-bite of the week is back, and this this week it’s the melt in your mouth tender short ribs I had at a preview for the new Paris Club. The old Brasserie Jo space has taken an industrial-chic turn (DJ, wrought-iron work, white subway tiles, mirrors, rustic reclaimed wood tables to full to snap an “on the table,” and wood floors to match), with chef Jean Joho’s French bistro fare. The perfect lighting (seriously) makes for a fine milieu, but not always a fine photo, but I did my best. Opening tonight (officially), expect hard-to-get-tables in this bumping spot, but once you get one, savor the short ribs, delicious steak frites, oysters, mussels, croque monsieur fingers and more. We also loved the selection of terrines, pâtés (like the chicken liver pâté not served in a jar with a hinged lid!), Lyonnaise salad topped with a sprawling egg, and vegetable sides (a nice growing trend!) like the cauliflower gratin. For dessert, chocolate mousse was tasty but more like a pudding, but the pistachio pot de crème topped with crushed pistachios…totally worth the wait for your table. And if you are faced with a wait, head to scene-y bar area, grab a Pinot Noir on tap and take in the DJ beats. Paris Club, 59 W. Hubbard St., 312.595.0800

Lyonnaise salad

(This photo of) chicken liver pâté (doesn't do it justice)


A hot table indeed


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