5 reasons why I love*…Arami

1. The menu. It’s the perfect combination of hot and cold dishes, donburi, nigiri, sashimi, fresh and simple makimono and best of all, steaming hot noodle bowls. 2. Anticipation for the 5-table outdoor patio in the tiny, foliage-filled space behind the dining room. 3. So, about those noodle bowls, did I mention they were delicious? arami ramen has thick slabs of pork belly, braised beef and an egg, kimchi ramen is a spicy, sinus-opening mix of tofu, pork belly egg, scallions, and veggie udon offers soy-braised daikon, mushrooms, eggplant, carrots, scallion and egg. 4. The presentation. So much attention to detail, lovely China (right down to the tea presentation), and nary a blade of plastic grass in sight. 5. It’s in my hood, of course. Arami, 1829 W. Chicago Ave., 312.243.1535

Sunomono salad at Arami

* aaaand one thing I don’t love…the place is tiny, popular and service can be slow, so anticipate a wait during prime dining hours or make a res.


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