Spotted: Beer Soap

Only in Milwaukee does the brewski flow so freely even the soap is sloshed. I spotted these black rice, vanilla and Japanese beer soaps in a boutique in the Bayview area, a trendy little ‘hood I’m profiling for Where magazine (watch for it!). The Beer Soap Co. is actually a cool little company located nowhere near Lavern & Shirley-land. Looks like it’s down in Miami where they pour the porters, ales, lagers and even witbiers in (not at) the bar.

Soap suds



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3 responses to “Spotted: Beer Soap

  1. Those are soooo cool. Damn. I didn’t see them when I was in Bayview a few weeks ago. I was too busy eating & drinking to shop believe it or not. Where did you get them? I definately have to pick some up for my hubby, an avid home brewer.

  2. I know. I kind of regret not buying them now. I think they were at a store called Sparrow Collective right on Kinnickkinnick, but you can order online!

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