5411 Empanadas

From meaty balls to naan sandwiches, there’s an army of delicious food trucks milling about the city, but I rarely spot one, well, parked anyway, especially right outside my office. So you can imagine my delight when rumors of a big blue truck stocked with flaky, fresh-baked Argentine empanadas parked outside began filtering through the office. I know the idea is to follow something as delicious at 5411 empanadas on Twitter, but hey, sometimes if you’re lucky (or if someone in the office above you makes a special request for a lunchtime appearance) they pull right up with hot empanadas like beef, barbecued chicken, ham and cheese, spinach and cheese and corn..at $1.99 a pop. About half an hour after we all stocked up on these hot little pockets, the truck was gone…onto North and Clybourn to feed hungry Apple store browsers. As spring finally decides to show up, this is one truck (of many) I’ll be eager to track down around town.

Empanadas on the run

Corn empanada


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