Guest blog spot: Catherine’s Vegan Shamrock Shake

Mystery candy post guesser Catherine was hell-bent on getting her guest post in by St. Patty’s Day, but alas, her healthy take on the sickly sweet McDonald’s Shamrock Shake took a few days longer than expected to perfect. Inspired by her love of all things mint, Catherine’s soy-based shake is a thinner take on the heavy (or “thick-ass,” as she put it) fast food shake, but 10-15 minutes in the freezer will thicken it up if that is your thang. Food coloring was added merely for photo aesthetics, and although she was ready to throw her impressive creation in a damn paper McDonald’s cup, I’m glad she opted for a tall and virtually unwaxy, glass, and she also gets photo direction props for the backdrop!

Shamrock shake arsenal

Catherine’s Vegan Shamrock Shake
1 serving
Soy vanilla ice cream 1 cup
Soy milk, unsweetened (or vanilla) 3/4 cup
High-quality peppermint extract 1/2 tsp
Green food coloring (optional) 2-3 drops
Peppermint or spearmint leaves for garnish

Blend all ingredients and garnish with fresh peppermint or spearmint leaves.

Vegan shamrock shake


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