Guest post: A Brunch Best-Of

Ah, so many mystery post guessers…so little time. Last week we featured a bounty of bacon, and this week it’s all about brunch. When two awesome local brunch bloggers, Bunny and Brandy guessed the Ing mystery beer flight post correctly, I couldn’t wait to see what they’d choose for their guest post. How brilliant is it to try to scope out a new Chicago brunch destination every weekend, aaaand how do I get invited? For now, I will just salivate over their “sweet and savory” best-of list, which includes six dishes I have never had and enviably awesome food photos…

Bunny and Brandy’s Favorite Sweeties and Savories
(In no particular order)

1. Butterscotch Bacon Donut from Nightwood: One of the best combos of sweet and savory out there. If the name alone isn’t enough to tempt you, you have no soul. Nightwood, 2119 S. Halsted St.

Holy #%!^**#% these look good.

2. Eggs New Orleans from Big Jones: Not your ordinary Eggs Benedict, this one is served over a crab cakes and pop-overs. The potatoes on the side aren’t bad either! Big Jones, 5347 N. Clark.

Jonesin' for eggs Benedict at Big Jones

3. Spiced Apple Couscous from Hearty Boys: A twist on traditional oatmeal, this couscous is made with cream and dried fruit. Beats Quaker Instant any day! Hearty Boys, 3403 N. Halsted.
4. Chicken and Waffles from Nana: A savory waffle, amazing fried chicken strips, and pork sausage gravy. This is as far away from its Waffle House inspiration as you can get! Nana, 3267 S. Halsted.

No, I mean, honestly, stop...

5. Brioche French Toast at Socca: Served with creamy vanilla gelato and bourbon sauce, this little dish packs a punch! Socca, 3301 N. Clark.

GAAWW...I didn't even know they had brunch at Socca!...I am so there for this

6. Baked Egg with Polenta from M. Henrietta: As gorgeous as it is scrumptious, this egg sits on a bed of creamy polenta, wrapped in bacon, and is served with the most visually pleasing salad one could ever dream of. M. Henrietta, 1131 W. Granville Ave.


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