Test post

Discovered the nifty wordpress iphone app today! Giving it a try and photographing the killer pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I whipped up today.




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3 responses to “Test post

  1. Those cookies look yummy, remind me of a white chocolate pumpkin concoction that my sister made but I have been unable to duplicate. Can you share your recipe?

  2. Thanks! Even though the photo turned out creepishly looong. The recipe is here
    https://elizabites.com/2008/10/15/recipe-pumpkin-chocolate-chip-cookies/ or if that doesn’t work, just do a search in the box. They are truly life-changing. Didn’t think to try them with white chocolate chips! Great idea! You can do dark chocolate, or walnuts as well. Tell me how it goes!

  3. Super, thanks! I will have to try them…love the idea about adding the dark chocolate or walnuts. I’ll keep you posted, hopefully sooner rather than later as I don’t bake very often. Sad but true

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