Guest blog post: El Mercado Meat Market

Leave it to a Second City sketch comedy writing program alum to turn his guest blogging opportunity into a script. I met the talented and hilarious Corey McKenna while performing as an actor in his Second City Writing 6 show, Sketches with Wolves last fall, and was thrilled when he guessed a recent mystery sign post correctly. For his guest post, Corey found a way to combine his love of sketch writing and El Mercado Meat Market empanadas…..

Mercado Meat Market

Hi, my name is Corey McKenna and here is a conversation I imagine us having. I am ME and you are YOU.
ME: El Mercado Meat Market on Southport and Grace. It’s Argentinian.
YOU: Ugh, not another Argentinian meat market. Those were cool back when I was into collecting stamps. Am I right? (laughing arrogantly)
ME: That’s an obscure reference. I don’t get it. What does that even mean?
YOU: Forget it. What’s in the bag?
ME: This bag is filled with empanadas from El Mercado Meat Market. Here, have the beef empanada. It’ll completely change your mind about Argentinian meat markets.
YOU: (with mouth full) Oh, wow.
ME: Isn’t it delicious?
YOU: Yes. The flaky crust is the perfect companion to the well-seasoned minced beef it envelopes. The peppered beef gives it a slight spice that I haven’t tasted in other empanadas made in the neighborhood.
ME: A very astute observation. Now try their chicken empanada. Isn’t it delicious?
YOU: (with mouth full) Are you kidding me? This is to die for. Hey, what’s that one?
ME: It’s the spinach empanada. Its filling is comprised of spinach, garlic and ricotta cheese. What do you think?
YOU: (with mouth full) Fantastic! But, what does it cost to put these empanadas into my stomach? Probably a fortune, right?
ME: $1.29.
YOU: Get right out of town, this instant. $1.29? Amazing! Thank you so much for telling me about this, Corey! I will always remember you for this. If I ever have children, I will name every one of them ‘Corey’ to remind me of today’s conversation. Here, accept this [item of jewelry]. It runs through my family for generations. Take it. Wear it. And remember me. Now, forgive me, but I must go now.
ME: I graciously accept your [item of jewelry]. But why must you leave so suddenly?
YOU: It’s about time I dust off that stamp collection. Argentinian meat markets are back, baby.
El Mercado Meat Market, 3767 N. Southport



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One response to “Guest blog post: El Mercado Meat Market

  1. Las empanadas son geniales!! XD

    You made me remember my Buenos Aires days 🙂

    Food is insanely good in Argentina.

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