Elizabites on Vital Juice

I get a lot of newsletters in my inbox, but there are only a few I read pretty religiously. Vital Juice Chicago is definitely up there, as it offers pretty awesome health and fitness tips, recipes, etc. They recently profiled me as a local Vital Spy, which was totally fun until I realized they didn’t want to hear about heavy-ass custard-stuffed French toast (see Monday’s post), or anything sausage, hot dog or cupcake related, but what they wanted to know was where I go to eat healthy. Honestly, I think the healthiest I have been eating lately is when cooking for myself, but if I had to go out and keep it light, my first thought was veggie-spot Mana Food Bar. I love, love, love it there, from the elotes to the asparagus ravioli and fresh juices. I also mentioned Peeled juice bar (post to come), and Chickpea, an under-the-radar Middle Eastern restaurant mere blocks from my house and with—no crap—the best hummus in the city. But when asked what restaurant I consider surprisingly healthy, I thought of Cho Sun OK. With all of the small plates of vegetables, kimchi, salads, etc, I actually feel great after I have Korean BBQ, even if the meal does involve loads of table-cooked meat. But as I told VJ, it’s about great flavors and fresh ingredients, and leaving a restaurant feeling satiated and not stuffed. For tips on how to do so, or to work your ass off if you do just happen to over-indulge, sign up here.


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  1. How cool! Congrats on getting selected as a Spy. I know I consider you one on the food front–your blog leaves me drooling every time 😉

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