Caffé Streets

They may not have Wi-Fi (no, really, they purposely don’t to encourage actual face to face conversations), but they do brew a pretty impressive pot of coffee at “social coffeehouse” Caffe Streets. They present their coffee service in a cute glass pitcher with a cool thick mug both set on a wooden tray. If you don’t mind the minor panic attack involved in transporting the whole thing from the counter to your tiny table, it’s worth it for the flavorful cup of joe. What are you thoughts on a Wi-Fi free coffee house? Brilliant or bogus? 1750 W. Division Street.

Coffee presentation at Caffé Streets

Coffee talk (in person, only)



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2 responses to “Caffé Streets

  1. I get coffee here about twice a month and the same thing always happens…it’s not hot enough!! (I go for lattes and cappuccinos.) So odd.

  2. Weird! I didn’t notice that! I have to go back and try the rest of the menu

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