The Spice House

A somewhat off-beat (but pretty awesome) brownie recipe had me scouring the internets for maple sugar, and my choices to obtain the rather pricey ingredient were down to ordering the stuff straight from Canada, Vermont (OK, or Amazon), or heading to The Spice House. It was time for me to step into the Old Town spice shop I’ve passed a million times, and I’m glad I did…

Spice House, Old Town

The robust spice aromas hit you as you enter, and you don’t quite know where to look first. I knew the place was amazing, but you really need to step inside to truly take in the colorful, rich bounty of spices, sugars, salts, rubs and blends stored in labeled jars (not to mention salt and pepper mills, oils, gift boxes, dehydrated sweet corn for god’s sake!)

Organic spices

Tomato powder??? I mean...

As I searched out the ingredient I needed, my eyes trailed towards tomato powders, Hungarian paprika, hickory smoke salt, Bronzeville rib rubs…I could go on, but I had to focus…

Maple sugar, pricey but delish!

Finally, on a shelf in the back, I found what I was looking for (all $12 a cup of the stuff), and my brownies, like the Spice House, rocked it (please see macrobiotic brownie recipe explanation in the comments below). The Spice House, 1512 N. Wells Street



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3 responses to “The Spice House

  1. I love this store! I own a mortar and pestle and used to grind cardamom myself when I needed it. Now I buy it in tiny little bags at Spice House, where everything is so fresh. So much easier! So about that brownie recipe…?

  2. YES! I was totally eyeing the mortar and pestles there and might need to pick one up. I want everything in that store! OK, I’ve included a link to the brownie recipe below. Don’t ask me why I was making macrobiotic brownies, but I was sent this particular cookbook and they just looked great! Plus I was curious how brownies sweetened without white sugar, butter or eggs would taste. They are definitely on the maple-y side, but I loved them. I forgot the pinch of salt, and I think that would help with that maple flavor a bit. Tell me what you think!

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