Salted Caramel popsicles

I love me some pop-up shops, especially when they involve things like dark chocolate pudding and kicky Mexican mole coming together in one velvety, homemade popsicle. Salted Caramel confections set up shop for one day last weekend in Lincoln Square, where they doled out small-batch offerings of other popsicle flavors like cherry-cucumber, Thai Mango curry yogurt made with coconut milk, and granitas in flavors like watermelon-coriander and orange-lime. Unlike the sickly sweet popsicles of your past (remember push-ups? Blech), you can taste the actual flavors rather than syrupy sugar. And balancing ingredients like mole, curry and Greek yogurt infuse the perfect amount of a savory, while dark chocolate and coconut milk keep things sweet. Check out their Facebook page to find out where to stock up on Salted Caramel pops, and pop-ups.

Chocolate-mole pudding popsicle

Other Salted Caramel goodies


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