Num Pang, Abraço and more…

Just when you thought I was settled back in the Chi, the eliz-a-tripping continues. This was actually my first visit to NYC since starting the blog a year and half ago, so there was plenty of highly anticipated “research” to be done. My laundry lists of places to visit (from fine dining to street-food eats), was long, and 48 hours does not a proper eating-tour of NYC make, but I did my best, getting my fill of Momofuku, Abraço coffee and more..foodie photo essay part 1…


Duroc pork sandwich with blood orange lemonade

Get off plane and head straight to Num Pang, Chef Ratha Chau’s semi-new Cambodian sandwich shop in Greenwich Village near NYU. I spoke with Ratha (also of Kampuchea) while working on the Southeast Asian issue of Plate, and knew I had to check his new place out the next time I was in NYC. It’s tiny. You order outside at the window and then squeeze yourself on low benches in a wee upstairs room to munch on peppercorn catfish with sweet soy sauce or delicious pulled Doruc pork with spiced honey on fresh-baked bread from local Italian bakery Parisi. Juices drip, the pork melts in your mouth, the long slices of cucumber, tangle of pickled carrots, cilantro and spicy chili mayo add crunch, tang, spice and heat all at the same time, and the soft baguette keeps it all together. You may be with a friend, but won’t open your mouth to say much, well maybe for sips of blood orange lemonade. 21 E. 12th Street.


Abraço for coffee. This place was a bit of a hike on a rather chilly afternoon, but I’ll schlep pretty damn far for a great cup of coffee. I fell in love with Abraço’s Web site first, and then with the robust, smooth, creamy latte I waited almost 10 minutes for. Half the size of Num Pang (Chicagoans are SO spoiled by square-footage), Abraça’s hip crowd was literally spilling out of its tiny front area while a single barista carefully crafted each espresso, latte and macchiato. I honestly don’t know the secret, but this was hands down the best latte I had ever had, complete with the espresso leaf design in the foam and the classic NYC coffee cups. The only thing that would’ve made it better was a ricotta pain perdu on the side, but alas, they were out for the day. Abraço, 86 E. 7th Street.

Latte from Abraço

And a few more foodie shots along the way..

McSorley's Old Ale House, post Yankee win

Ah McSorley’s. Most people know about the iconic bar where the beer flows dark or light and sawdust covers the floor. On Yankee-parade day, a rather boisterous, baseball-jersey clad line awaited outside. 15 E. 7th Street.

Rather pretty sushi signs..

There seems to be a sushi restaurant on every corner in NYC, but the presentation of these menus particularly stood out. Each looked like a hand-written work of art, and of course made me crave maki and miso. More to come!



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2 responses to “Num Pang, Abraço and more…

  1. Melissa

    There is never enough time in NY to eat at all the places you want to! Oh my gosh…Num Pang sounds amazing. I wrote it right down on my NY list. The picture of the sandwich is making me drool! And the foam on the latte from Abraco looks so creamy, dreamy. Looking forward to the rest of your NY posts. Very jealous.

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