Betty Bakery, Brooklyn


Buildings reflected in Betty sign

We stumbled upon Betty Bakery in Brooklyn, immediately lured in by the most stunning wedding and b-day cakes I had ever seen. I generically went for a chocolate cupcake for some reason, and while it definitely wasn’t the best I’d ever had, I couldn’t get over the marzipan owls, turkeys and pumpkins, a very cool vintage oven from the ’30s, and the other cakes on display. 448 Atlantic Avenue

I am sucker for cute and edible figurines.


Way too pretty to cut.



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2 responses to “Betty Bakery, Brooklyn

  1. Ezetta Hale

    Can you create a ferrari cake?

  2. Ezetta, you might want to try the bakery directly, but I hope they can..that sounds rad! Their number is (718) 246-2402.

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