Quimet y Quimet

Quimet sign

From the Boqueria there were tapas to be tasted, and tapas bars are plentiful throughout Barcelona. But oy, and I mean OY, did we have a fantastic experience at Quimet y Quimet, a postage stamp-sized tapas and cheese restaurant in the Montjuïc neighborhood. I knew they were famous for their canned seafood (a delicacy in Spain), and for being impossible to get into. I learned quickly that the tapas bars with waits, lines and general shit-showy-ness at the entrance, or spilling out onto the sidewalk meant the place was a winner. We hit the tiny tapas bar at the perfect time because we were able to barely belly up to the packed bar (no seats), and just started pointing at the fresh, dried, canned seafood, salt cod, anchovies, sardines, paté, jamon and endless other delicacies nestled under the glass and between the hungry patrons and two lone servers who were the mad tapas scientists behind the wonderful concoctions of seafood, pickled vegetables, vinegars, honeys and caviar layered atop crisp, toasted bread.

Dried tuna, egg yolk and other ingredients

And the eating parade began, starting with one of the highlights of the week…a insane combination of salmon, whipped cream cheese, honey and balsamic vinegar on bread.

Lox of love

The open-faced deliciousness continued…each more colorful than the next…

Canned anchovies and peppers

Dried tuna, tomatoes, egg yolk

Spanish blue cheese, peppers, balsamic

Salt cod, olive paste

And when we weren’t staring at the creations coming from behind the bar, we were looking at the floor-to-ceiling explosion of bottles, signs, photos and more..

Did I mention the endless selection of cava, vino and local beer?

And when we were done we gave up our coveted elbow space at the bar and already missed Quimet as we shuffled our way through the ornery line and onto our dessert destination (well, sort of…)

Looking back after an awesome dinner, planning a return visit for lunch the next day...



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5 responses to “Quimet y Quimet

  1. Lisa

    Thanks, Liz, these look amazing. Good timing too: I actually decided to go to Barcelona myself. Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Nice! I have plenty of suggestions for you…so didn’t want to leave..

  3. Oh man. This is insane. And this is just one night? I NEED to eat that salt cod & olive paste concoction. Remind me not to read your posts when I am hungry, because nothing will satisfy, I am sure.

  4. Michael & Isa from New Jersey


    This was our first experience at Quimet for my wife and I and was suggested by a client of mine. We were the two people next to you and your traveling companion at the bar. (I bought you both a copa of vino.) We have tried some of the tapas at our home andour friends can’t believe how well the flavors all go together. At your suggestion, Isa tried Cal Pep on her next trip (she’s a Continental flight attendant) and had an amazing meal with one of her flight attendant friends. She said the fresh fried fish was out of this world and also now has a recipe for their Tuna Stew with Mushrooms. Buen provecho!

  5. Hi there! So glad that she got to go to Cal Pep. I did a post on that spot as well, so amazing. That’s great that she got a recipe! I miss Quimet and tell everyone I know to go there…you guys helped us order all the right stuff! Thanks for reading, let me know if you ever need restaurant suggestions for Chicago!

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