Vioko..chocolate, gelato, marshmallows and more

Part art gallery, part gelateria and part modernist candy shop, we literally stumbled upon Vioko after dinner on Barceloneta. I instantly fell in love with the deer logo, then the packaging used for the chocolate truffles, mini muffins, and brownies all made in the on-site bakery. They also had flavored sugars that resembled Technicolor bath salts, white and dark swirled chocolate sheets, and well, the coolest marshmallows I had ever seen in flavors like vanilla, lime and strawberry (read, killer gifts).

Macaroons...I mean...

Modernist marshmallows

A logo worthy of my living room wall

And truffles

Flavored sugar I'd bathe in



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5 responses to “Vioko..chocolate, gelato, marshmallows and more

  1. Alexei

    I have a feeling you may not come back from this trip! Sounds fabulous…

  2. I didn’t want to! I am back already, though, sadly. See you New Orleans soon!

  3. I don’t even like marshmallows, but I totally want those. How cool looking. I love the modern twist. so eye catching. Total gift heaven there.

  4. Mark

    I could see someone making very cool (and delicious) smores with those modern marshmallows. Or would it be sacrilegious to do such a thing? Great photos.

  5. Thanks! No, these marshmallows can’t be subjected to such abuse. Although their vanilla marshmallow s’more would probably be ridiculous.

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