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Test post

Discovered the nifty wordpress iphone app today! Giving it a try and photographing the killer pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I whipped up today.




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Elizabites, AOL and other shout-out-age

It’s not easy to pick ONE favorite restaurant, brunch spot and date place in Chicago, but when AOL City’s Best wanted to profile the blog (yay!), I had to figure it out. A fun little Q & A, I was honored to be featured! Also this week, my foodie friend Kristain of blogged about our delish meal at Leopold a few weeks back. My photos didn’t turn out quite as well as hers, and I failed to order the cassoulet, but I did give a shout to the chocolate mousse on a previous visit. A former London dweller, Kristian is in the UK this week, catching all kinds of first-hand royal wedding hoopla, watch her international blog for what she’s eating across the pond too.


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Co-op Hot Sauce

My first dining experience at BYOB restaurant, Treat, in Logan Square was also officially my last. The laid-back restaurant shut its doors this past weekend after five successful years of serving up a Indian-inspired, global menu of dishes like chicken tikka masala, panko-crusted crabcakes, scallops and fall-off-the-bone Mint Creek Farm lamb chop to the neighborhood. I loved it.. I mean, where had it been all my life? More specifically the last five years when I never knew it was there. Alas, I did get to enjoy one of their last nights of dinner service with friends, when I was also introduced to another hidden local gem, Co-Op Hot Sauce. Seated next to me at the group table was the founder and hot-sauce “doctor” Mike Bancroft, who plunked down a bottle of original sauce when he sat down. While I have marveled at famous hot sauce collections before, I’ve never been a keep-the-fridge-stocked-with-Tabasco type, but I had to give the original, locally made, smoky formula a try, especially when a platter of golden, glistening fried calamari came to the table just waiting for a dousing. Turns out Co-Op was already used in a number of Treat recipes, but it was the smoky, dense and not too-spicy dipping sauce the calamari craved. Besides the original, Co-Op offers habañero spicy green or red jalapeño and other boldly flavored rubs and sauces made with ingredients grown in kid-run gardens on the West Side. And with proceeds going to help youth arts and community service initiatives in and around Humboldt Park, there’s no reason not to pick a bottle or three online, or watch for Co-Op at Whole Foods and Farmer’s Markets this summer.

Co-op hot sauce

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Jack Archer

Looking to dine locally in Chicago and beyond? Here’s a recent round-up of seasonal, locally focused faves I put together a few weeks back for sharp new fashion/pop/politics/music/lifestyle online magazine

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Ah, elotes…

Elotes at Num Pang, NYC

I found my new summer snack. Elotes, or grilled corn on the cob served on the streets in Mexico and slathered with condiments from butter to sour cream and salt. They had a Cambodian twist, but I fell in love with the grilled corn on the cob at Num Pang, a Union Square sandwich shop I’ve gushed over before. They serve theirs with chili mayo, coconut flakes, chili powder and a lime wedge. Then just this past weekend..

Elotes at Juicy

Elotes came into my life again, this time in Chicago at Juicy. Owner Chris Dunstatter was grilling some up for the holiday, and was kind enough to send us a sample, generously slathered with butter and chili powder. It was an awesome way to start the Memorial Day weekend..and a snack that hopefully makes their permanent menu. Num Pang, 21 E. 12th St. NYC; Juicy, 694 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago

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Sea salt brownies at Trader Joe’s

Sea salt brownies at Trader Joe's

I’m not sure if was “sea salt” or the word “brownie” that caught my eye first when I spotted this plastic container of salty-sweet goodness at Trader Joe’s, but when put together these words justified my hypnotically tossing one in the cart. Seriously, French sea salt brownies? It’s brilliance only thought up by one of my favorite grocery stores. And the best part is that they are brownie “petites,” which, in theory, increases your chances of a whole box lasting more than a week. Sure, pastry chefs have combined sweet and salty combinations for a while, but there’s usually something cold involved (salted peanut gelato, etc.), but it’s rare to find a classic, straight-up fudge brownie sprinkled with the perfect amount of sea salt, that you can take on the go, and eat, um petitely…yeah or like five at once. For my past Trader Joe-nsing, click here, here and here.


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Saint’s Alp Tea House

Almond milk tea with tapioca

My very first post on elizabites was about Saint’s Alp Tea House in Chinatown. It was a year and a half ago, middle of summer, but I still had a desire to hang out in the bright orange bubble tea shop and restaurant for hot almond milk or taro bubble tea drinks served in jumbo ceramic mugs. This ridiculously freezing weekend had me hiding out there again, to enjoy a steaming mug of almond milk tea, and this time, a few pretty-decent appetizers from the never-ending menu, like glistening grilled yakitori (chicken) on skewers, and crispy spring rolls with a chili sauce on the side. I also noticed they just started serving sizzling hot pot soups for a table to share—yet another way to warm up during the impending deep freeze. Other highlights: free wi-fi, spacious booths, late hours; Low-points: spotty service, popular spot for loud groups and younger crowds, and an ongoing need for a second location. Saint’s Alp Tea House, 2131 S. Archer.


Crispy spring rolls

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Menu pics

So, it’s actually not just Asian restaurants that offer cruddy photo representation of their dishes next to a number and description on the menu. I stumbled upon this little breakfast cafe called Cafe Mason in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood, where every menu item had a relatively appetizing photo next to the description. Rather than turn me off, the semi-decent food photography actually helped me decide between eggs benedict with spinach and the bay shrimp and avocado omelette with tomatoes (I went with the omelette). Not a bad idea for more restaurants to include a photo of the dish for the indecisive orderer (like myself) or those into playing 20 questions with their server.

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