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Restaurants that offer just that. Great brunch on the fly for around $10.

French toast post

Out of town guestage this weekend allowed for not one but two brunch opportunities, and it’s always hard to figure out where to go. I opted for two of my favorite patio- friendly standbys, Jam and Lula Cafe. OK, so technically it was lunch at Jam, but that didn’t stop us from devouring one of the best things on the brunch menu along with our savory lunch selections—the famous malted custard French toast with macerated rhubarb and whipped lime leaf cream sprinkled with crunchy pink peppercorns. I think I could just snack on pink peppercorns alone, but they also add little dots of spicy crunch to citrusy, light-as air cream, and the vanilla and malt dipped brioche is almost impossibly moist (it’s from the sous vide preparation), fluffy and sweet. And what good are duck confit and morel omelets and salmon scrambles without a sharable order of lavender custard-stuffed brioche French toast with fresh blueberries, olive oil shortbread crumble and whipped mascarpone from Lula Cafe? A layer of creamy lavender-tinged custard is hiding inside thick French toast while perfect blueberries and the rich crumble top it all off. Get a half order for the table, and then immediately wish you made it a full. Lula Cafe, 2537 N. Kedzie, Jam, 937 N. Damen.

Malted Custard French toast at Jam

Lavender custard-stuffed French toast

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Guest post: A Brunch Best-Of

Ah, so many mystery post guessers…so little time. Last week we featured a bounty of bacon, and this week it’s all about brunch. When two awesome local brunch bloggers, Bunny and Brandy guessed the Ing mystery beer flight post correctly, I couldn’t wait to see what they’d choose for their guest post. How brilliant is it to try to scope out a new Chicago brunch destination every weekend, aaaand how do I get invited? For now, I will just salivate over their “sweet and savory” best-of list, which includes six dishes I have never had and enviably awesome food photos…

Bunny and Brandy’s Favorite Sweeties and Savories
(In no particular order)

1. Butterscotch Bacon Donut from Nightwood: One of the best combos of sweet and savory out there. If the name alone isn’t enough to tempt you, you have no soul. Nightwood, 2119 S. Halsted St.

Holy #%!^**#% these look good.

2. Eggs New Orleans from Big Jones: Not your ordinary Eggs Benedict, this one is served over a crab cakes and pop-overs. The potatoes on the side aren’t bad either! Big Jones, 5347 N. Clark.

Jonesin' for eggs Benedict at Big Jones

3. Spiced Apple Couscous from Hearty Boys: A twist on traditional oatmeal, this couscous is made with cream and dried fruit. Beats Quaker Instant any day! Hearty Boys, 3403 N. Halsted.
4. Chicken and Waffles from Nana: A savory waffle, amazing fried chicken strips, and pork sausage gravy. This is as far away from its Waffle House inspiration as you can get! Nana, 3267 S. Halsted.

No, I mean, honestly, stop...

5. Brioche French Toast at Socca: Served with creamy vanilla gelato and bourbon sauce, this little dish packs a punch! Socca, 3301 N. Clark.

GAAWW...I didn't even know they had brunch at Socca!...I am so there for this

6. Baked Egg with Polenta from M. Henrietta: As gorgeous as it is scrumptious, this egg sits on a bed of creamy polenta, wrapped in bacon, and is served with the most visually pleasing salad one could ever dream of. M. Henrietta, 1131 W. Granville Ave.

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Corned beef hash at Jam

The salty/sweet craving dilemma I often encounter at brunch isn’t a problem at Jam on Damen. Their special scone or muffin is usually amazing, or I just get an order of the malted custard French toast flecked with crunchy pink peppercorns on the side and call it a day. But the main salty event that eclipsed the sweet dishes few weeks back was the corned beef hash. Arranged on a plate almost too pretty to eat, the house-made corned beef is served with a rosemary-topped celery purée and potato, portobello, onion and tomato hash hiding in a cup and topped with a sunny-side up egg. Jam, 937 N. Damen, 773.489.0302

Corned beef with egg and potato hash and celery purée

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5 things I love about Nana…

1). Fresh yellow watermelon punch with sparkling water and blueberries..refreshing, not-too-sweet and would even be better with a splash of bubbly.

Watermelon punch

2). Delicious Mexican-inspired brunch dishes that are fresh, not-too-heavy and full of fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Huevos rancheros with crispy tortillas

3). The Benedicts…especially the Nanadict served on a pupusa corn flatbread with homemade chorizo.


4). Hearty waffles, like the corn oat with Greek yogurt and fresh raspberries. Other interesting options? Banana-hemp cakes and other whole wheat cake concoctions that change out.

Corn-wheat waffle with Greek yogurt

5). The bright, cheery room and Bridgeport bakery/antique exploration opportunities in the neighborhood…Nana, 3267 S. Halsted, 312.929.2486

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Baked eggs at Julius Meinl

Might the baked eggs at Julius Meinl be the perfect brunch dish? I already loved their European pastries, amazing teas and Viennese coffee service (served on a tray with a small glass of water and a cookie), but I had no idea they whipped up lovely ceramic-skillet baked concoctions like two eggs with smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill, and potato pancake, caramelized onion, aged Parmesan and truffle oil, and the one that had me at feta; two eggs with spinach, mushrooms and, well, feta. So much tastier and more original than a basic omelette, perfectly golden brown and crispy on top, and served with toast and preserves. Like I said, the perfect brunch… Julius Meinl, 3601 N. Southport Ave., 4363 N. Lincoln Ave.

Meinl baked eggs; spinach, mushroom, feta

And the coffee service, although two on one small cafe table can be cluttered, I still love the presentation details, and cookie, duh.

Coffee, water and a cookie at Julius Meinl


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Floriole Cafe and Bakery

Floriole Sign

Scorching hot Saturdays and Sheffield Garden Walk crowdification aside, I loved my quick lunch visit to Floriole last weekend. Even with a somewhat limited savory menu (a few sandwiches, a quiche, a salad or two), we probably spent a good 10 minutes drooling over the sweet-filled bakery case before ordering. I don’t love the idea of pre-made sandwiches sittin’ around, but the bacon, goat cheese, arugula and fig looked the freshest and most enticing. I wished the bread was a little less chewy and freshly toasted, but the date-cheese-bacon combo was the perfect array of salty, sweet and crispy.

Bacon, date, argula and goat cheese sandwich with carrot, ginger and pepitas salad

With mass dinner plans that night, we held back on the more serious desserts (fresh fruit tarts, chocolate croissants, milk chocolate caramel hazelnut tarts, pot au creme), and walked out with lemon-lavender macaroons that melted perfectly in our mouths. But a few photos of the rest…

Passion fruit and brûléed tarts

These almost looked too perfect to eat…

Chocolate and caramel pot de crème

Floriole Cafe and Bakery, 1220 W. Webster


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Alterra at the Lake

Alterra entrance

It’s rare when I pay a visit to Milwaukee to see my family, discover a new spot and wish I could somehow transport the entire entity to Chicago. Of course, this usually happens with the 1940s-era steakhouses, the super-dark and cozy bars stuck in a 1920s time warp, or in the case of Alterra Coffee, a historic Milwaukee River Flushing Station from 1888. I love the Milwaukee-based coffee brewer, and they actually have locations all over town (and here in town at places like Cookie Bar), but the Lake location is more than worth a visit up north. Head in for baked oatmeal and scones before a visit to the Calatrava, or sweet pea with mint soup and asparagus melts for a summer festival lunch retreat. No matter what you order, you won’t make it past the bakery cases (I love the mixed fonts, illustrations and general enthusiasm of the signs!) stocked with scones, muffins and more.

A bounty of coffee bar goodness

But you can easily get sucked in and stay all day with log cabin seating inside the industrial, exposed brick space, or outside where the world’s greatest chairs await…either these mean something to you, or they don’t, and it may have something to do with a quite lovely Terrace in another part of Wisconsin. Recognize them or not, they’re worth taking a seat on, and staying awhile. Alterra at the Lake, 1701 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee.

Outdoor terrace chairs at Alterra


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